Hello, I'm Erin


Communication between technical and non-technical backgrounds. Knowledge of a variety of coding languages and operational tool sets including Golang, Ruby on Rails, React, Python, and Terraform. A deep understanding of systems design principles. An enthusiasm to quickly pick up any new toolset for personal growth and forwarding business goals. Self-motivation and a cooperative attitude to work well in team settings or individually.


November 2022-October 2023
Reperio Health - Sr. Software Engineer

I developed multiple core features in the public facing API for the product. This included enabling on-location user registration, and building a PDF generation pipeline leveraging Golang, React and Storybook to generate customer reports. I also leveraged Golang, and AWS Lambda and Transfer services to build automated ingress and egress pipelines for partner data. I helped reduce business risks by reducing significant environment drift between deployed applications. I lead department wide discussions and efforts on backend focused improvements to existing processes.

April 2019-November 2022
HashiCorp Inc. - Sr Software Engineer II

I lead the team responsible for building multiple features for the Terraform Registry web application, supporting new hires while navigating upwards and lateral communication to support our interim manager in aligning with broader stakeholders. Building and leading multiple-month long projects to add new front-end and API features to the application in distributed codebases in Golang, Ember, and Ruby on Rails. I designed and implemented a developer pipeline for the Terraform Enterprise developers to increase developer velocity using our own products. In addition, I built multiple Golang services within the application system to improve the observability and maintainability of the product.

September 2017-April 2019
Ibotta Inc. - Sr DevTools Engineer

I built a continuous deployment pipeline to allow application developers to take ownership of the infrastructure behind the apps they are writing. I spearheaded an initiative to leverage my knowledge to internally train the engineering and analytics departments. This training covered both systems infrastructure concepts and the necessary Terraform context to help the teams make the best decisions for their products. I also wrote developer tooling in Groovy, Golang, and Javascript to enable developers to ship their code to production more reliably.

August 2016-September 2017
Ping Identity - Site Reliability Engineer/Configuration Engineer

I quickly took over the administration and development of the Scalr Cloud Management environment for engineering, support, and technical sales development. I architected and implemented multiple infrastructure automation projects for these departments utilizing SaltStack. I extended, organized and maintained the build pipeline and configs for our engineering infrastructure via Terraform, Gitlab and Jenkins.

June 2015-August 2016
Photobucket - Data Engineer/Database Administrator

I maintained Hadoop and Elasticsearch clusters, communicating project goals across all teams of the company. I built resilient data pipelines on bare metal and virtual servers for business metric collection utilizing our SaltStack environment. I utilized Ant to build updates to company MapReduce classes and I started utilizing Jenkins to build Python packages for data processing. I additionally wrote Python libraries to interface with our Zabbix monitoring system to increase observability data we were able to alert on.


May 2013
Colorado State University - B.S. in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics